Pupils' stories

Last term, Year 7 pupils studied "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl and wrote their own stories (including a hero/heroine and a factory). Here are some of them...( look under label "Year 7 pupils' stories" )

Arman's story


                        Kena Ekande was a teenager from a village in the Serengeti. He lived with his parents. He loved them and his sister adored him.  He woke up every day at 6:00 and he had a quick breakfast. Then, at 8:00, he always went hunting. He ate cassava for lunch then came back to the village to have his dinner (usually composed of meat).

                         But one day, he woke up at 8:00 and he didn't go hunting. He could hear someone crying and suddenly, a group of slave owners caught him and all the inhabitants of his village.

                         The slave owners took them to the USA. There, an American   sugar producer bought Kena. Then he drove him to his sugar plantation and said: -You're gonna cut all this! Kena, who wanted to escape, ran into a forest but he fell in a very big hole. Then he could see nothing but darkness.                         When Kena woke up, he just couldn't believe his eyes! Everywhere there were…

Nadia's story

Chapter 1

This is the story of 2 children named Malak and Nadia. They are best friends because they have the same personalities.They're very spoilt because they live with their two families in a big villa with a giant pool and a mini villa for children...
chapter 2
Nadia and Malak study in a fantastic school named ''THE SMS SCHOOL''(the space monster school). In their school, there are only humans but it is located in space !!! Luckily, in class, they can chat with their families...

  chapter 3 The girls love animals and together they have 51 pets: 3 cats, 4 dogs, 10 kittens, 11 hamsters, 13 puppies and 10 goldfish. These animals love playing ball and they love eating healthy food like cheese, homemade pizza and bread, but they sometimes drink soda! All the pets love their masters but when they are away, they do everything they want..             

Chapter 4 One day, Nadia and Malak were in class when the teacher said:''THERE IS A COMPETITION!'' Nadia aske…

Melis's story

Chapter 1 My heroine is a girl named Bella who goes to a boarding school named “ The radio factory”. She started school two years ago. She already has a few friends: Xavier, Alice, Lauren and Richard. She loves them so much. They always stay, eat and play together. Let’s not forget about her family that she left for her school. Her mom is emotional and kind. She is adorable and Bella is really attached to her. Her father is a lawyer. He’s funny and curious. Actually, Bella has everyone’s dream parents. But let’s talk about her friends! First Lauren: she is pretty and the smartest person that Bella knows. Bella tells her all her secrets. Xavier is funny and handsome. He’s always positive. Alice is sassy but in a cute way. Finally, Richard is the most attractive and energetic pupil in their school. Now that you know the characters, let me tell you Bella’s story. Chapter 2 Bella and her friends went to the room where they listened to music and saw a girl who was changing or doing something…

Emir's story

The Robot Factory Chapter 1 - John

- Me -
My name is John. I am 16 years old, I have a brother, Jason, who is 15 years old. My mother’s name is Laura, my father’s name is Mark.
I love sport, I play football with Jason all the time. I live in Dubai.
My parents are the owners of a robot factory. My mother Laura works in our robot factory. She is nice, calm and she loves strawberries.
My father Mark also works in our robot factory. He is bossy and confident.
My parents take robots from the factory for me. I am lucky. Some people think I am spoilt.
My brother Jason likes video games.
We live in a big house near the factory. We have a big garden and all our friends like it because we can play a lot of games there.
I have a dog. His name is Cino. He is 2 years old. He is a golden Retriever and when I’m not at home, he waits for me next to the door. When I open the door, I sometimes find him with a shoe in his mouth. He waits to go out.
- My school -
My school's name is “Sea school”. There you ca…

Derin's story

Tara and the shell factory

Tara McCurry is a normal girl. She has a dad, a mum ,a sister and a dog whose name is Silver. She has two best friends. Their names are Marley and Ashley. They are 12 years old. They live in the suburbs of London and they are English too. Tara is a very generous and calm girl. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She is sporty and thin. Marley and Ashley are twins and they live in London. Marley is confident and kind, she had black hair and black eyes too. Ashley is very honest and peaceful. She has black hair and like Marley, black eyes.
They go to the same school: Shell High. This school is really fantastic because it's located in the sea. It's extremely big:  the school has 1 canteen and 2 cafeterias, 200 classes, plenty of subjects... It  starts at 11:15 and finishes at 5:15 pm. In this school, the pupils are very  peaceful and kind.
Each day at school is really  nice: there are 4 or 5 different classes, a long break and a little pause. The pupils have…

İpek's story

The unicorn factory

chapter 1: Ipek and Duru saving the world from Kerem and Ege

İpek and Duru were best friends in high school. One day, after school, they went to the supermarket because they were having a pyjama party and they had found out that a few things (ice cream and coffee) were missing. So the girls bought what they needed and were going back home when they suddenly fainted because something was wrong with the ice cream and coffee! There was actually a strange logo on the packages, it was “The unicorn factory”. The owner of that factory was Dwayne Johnson but nobody knew that! Dwayne  had made the girls faint because he wanted them to be his agents as he had noticed that they were talented, fast, intelligent and careful. Ipek and Duru were put in a room where Dwayne waited for them to wake up. When they did,  Dwayne told them that their mission was to save the world from Kerem and Ege, two supervillains who had decided to build a rocket that would bring hot meteorites onto Ea…